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Apple Vision Pro is a new product created by Apple. It allows users to see and interact with digital content as if it were part of the real world. It responds to eye movements, hand gestures, and voice commands.

Vision Pro Marketing Concept

Typically, to create a new product or position an existing one, it's crucial to identify the problem you aim to resolve or the need you wish to fulfill. However, Apple seems to be taking a different approach with Vision Pro.

Apple doesn't know what problems they can solve. They offer the product to a small number of programmers to see how they use it. Those first adopters will test what they can do with the new technology.

That breaks all the basic rules of marketing. It is a technology in search of a problem to solve. That does not look great. However, this case has some uncommon characteristics that make it so intriguing.

Targeting Early Adopters and Tech Enthusiasts

Anyone can buy the Vision Pro, but it is expensive, difficult to use, and undefined in many aspects. This is a way to target the early adopters and exclude the rest. The first movers are eager to know what's coming, test it, and participate in the progress and definition of that future. Most of them know that it is not a finished product and, in spite of that, are eager to be part of the process. They are beta testers and are happy with that role.

Vision Pro, the Apple Version of an MVP

In a certain way, the Vision Pro is the Apple version of an MVP, a Minimal Viable Product. The final version, aimed at regular consumers, will likely be significantly different. Apple has presented some ideas of what they can build. They will get feedback from the early adopters, incorporate the suggestions, and build a new version. Launch, learn, and iterate fast. This is how most of the new products are created. MVP products from startups are very rudimentary products. Apple, on the other hand, has the means to make a complex first version full of innovations.

Media and Users' Pressure

The product seems unfinished. It has many things to polish. To show it now, in this first stage, it will help Apple in different ways:

- Gather feedback. The first and most important aspect I commented previously is that Apple will learn from the first users.

- Brand exposure. Traditional media, blogs, and videos will discuss the brand and its innovation efforts. This will provide free publicity.

- User participation. We will all see the product's progress, and many will even participate directly and indirectly in that evolution.

- A glimpse into future. Even when the product has many flaws, Apple has shown us enough to make the first users dream. It energizes the Apple lovers.


Many people compare and test Vision Pro with other VR headsets: bloggers, journalists, and even Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta/Facebook. However, these comparisons may not be fair at this stage. The Meta device focuses on games. Apple's center of attention is productivity. Meta Quest is a mature product with years in the market that wants to sell as many units as possible to end consumers. In contrast, the Apple Vision Pro is almost a prototype expensive enough to alienate regular consumers and intrigue programmers and professionals.

It's predictable that in the next stage, Apple will launch a version with a lower price, easier usability, and more precise functionality. Until then, direct comparisons may not be meaningful. Currently, there are no other companies in the sector that have launched anything remotely similar.

Return Policy

If you buy an Apple product, you have 14 calendar days to initiate a return period. Some unofficial estimates suggest that the return rate for the Vision Pro may be slightly higher than usual for other Apple products. However, Apple does not disclose specific numbers in this regard.

Some people have posted blogs and videos announcing that they are returning the product. The professionals with a high technical background have given very positive reviews and will keep the product.

Most people who return Vision Pro decided to do so before trying it. Some users take advantage of that generous trial period to satiate their curiosity, make videos, or be up to date on what's going on with new tech.


In normal conditions, the marketing strategy for a new product focuses first on a problem for a group of users and later builds the product to solve that problem. The Apple Vision Pro opens the door to new technologies with the potential to solve problems that were till now impossible. This area is so new that Apple is still determining its limits. Vision Pro is part of an expensive marketing campaign to discover what problems this new technology can solve.

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