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Resolution is not enough. We need computer monitors with good specs but also design and brand

External monitor for laptop

Specifications, design, and soul

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An external monitor could be essential for a laptop. Many products on the market pay attention to the resolution. Only Apple prioritize design and brand. But the Pro Display has a price and characteristics that make it suitable only for very high-end professionals. There is still a need in the market that no one tries to satisfy.

A workstation

I want a monitor for the computer. A powerful laptop with an external display could be a complete workstation. When you are on your regular desktop, you connect that monitor. When you are on the go, you just take the laptop.

It is common to have a powerful desktop computer for the hard work and a laptop or tablet when you have to move. But, that option has some limitations.

It is easy to maintain and update only one computer. Some powerful laptops make that possible, but they also need a big screen.

The monitors on the market

A lot of the monitors have high-resolution, 4k or 5k, and small bezels. I think they are ugly too. Yes, they have beautiful screens, but I do not like the rest. I know I am choosy, perhaps, too much. Apple spoiled me. Their obsession with the detail makes me pay attention to the foot, the materials, the textures, the colors. I also care about the parts that I cannot regularly see, like the back.

I do not like what I see on the market.

Marketing and brand on screen monitors

There are a lot of different models on the market. They change very often. It is almost impossible to be sure about the real differences between them. So many options drive to paralysis. First I think, ok, “whatever.” But, then, “none” of them.

No one remembers the name of one of those monitors. Not even the experts. I do not think makers could either. Here some real examples: HP 22cwa, Samsung S24E310HL, Acer R240HY.

Identifying the brand is also hard. No one has a defined personality. The same company could have many different screen supports, colors, materials. There is nothing that distinguishes them.

The manufacturer margins are small. No one makes real money. That is not a good market to be. Monitors become commodities.

Lack of differentiation, confusing names, no personality. No interest in marketing and brand.

Every year we have better technology and lower prices. But marketing, do not improve.

There is a gap in the market, a need for a kind of product that no one tries to satisfy.

Apple monitors

The Apple Pro Display it is a fantastic product. It is the perfect complement for the MacPro. It is fantastic for some high-end professionals like video editors and 3D designers. But with the price of around $7,000 it makes no sense as a second screen for a regular laptop.

Late 2016, when Apple presented the MacBook Pro, they said that they recommended an LG display. That is the only one they sell on their website. In June 2019 in US Apple Store the LG UltraFine 4K Display has $699,95 price tag. The LG UltraFine 5k Display $1299,95. They have the features and price range to be a second monitor for a MacBook or main screen for a Mac Mini. But it is clear that is not a monitor for an Apple user. It has not aesthetic but, what is more important, it is not the right style and philosophy.

The monitor is not a secondary peripheral in the computer ecosystem. It is the biggest object in our desktop; it is where our eyes stay all day long. It is essential to make the laptop a complete workstation. Without the external screen, the laptop could be a complement. It became a tool to travel, not the center of our activity. A high-resolution display makes the laptop better for the user. It could help to sell more laptops too.

After Apple launched the Pro Display there is still a gap in the market.

Apple will have to update the iMac line soon. They are the desktop computers with screen. The big bezels make them look outdated in 2019. I hope they will also provide a monitor that could be used as a second screen for the MacBook line and as a main screen for the Mac Mini. They need a good balance price/characteristics to be a reasonable companion to those products.

I want better monitors

I would pay more for a better product. I want an external display that has the same technology than the rest of the market, but also:

- A brand that I could trust and is proud of their product.

- Only a few models with a clear differentiation between them.

- Names easy to identify and remember.

- Stability in time. Update the product when the technology changes. That means, a significant change every four years, a small one every two years. I do not want constant updates that I cannot predict. That confuses me as a consumer. It also devalues the product when I want to sell it on the secondary market.

- Take care of the industrial design. A beautiful screen is not enough for me. In a high end expensive, professional product, I need more. I want a brand that takes care of the materials, the foot, the back and the details. The harmony with the rest of the Apple products would be even better. I would like a product for the MacBook Pro. Technology, but also aesthetics, design, style, and soul.

The LG monitor that Apple recommends does not fill that gap. In fact, it is very far from it.

I am so thankful to live in those days when many people make incredible things. I want the same technology but more marketing and brand. The makers only take care of my brain with specifications. They forget the heart and the soul.

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