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Fuzzy Feelings | Apple/OpenAI Holiday Film

Pararells between Apple film and what hapened in OpenAi

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When I was seeing this film, I was imagining the original board of OpenAI as the "boss". And the girl who makes the film… who is she in the real life for you?

The board made a lot of mistakes. I am also sorry that they now "eat alone," like the character in the film.

I admire Sam. As an entrepreneur, I see things through his eyes and feel identified with him. But I do not know the details. No one will ever know the whole truth. I do not demonize the board. I try not to judge. I wish well to everybody.

Christmas marketing and brand

To send a message on those dates is a good marketing practice. It sets the tone. It defines how a brand wants to connect with its users. I like the message of comprehension and forgiveness from Apple. I would like that could be the same for OpenAi and also for the rest of us that have seen the turmoil from the distance.

Fuzzy concept

Apple titled the film "Fuzzy feelings." I looked up the word Fuzzy in the Dictionary:

1- difficult to perceive; indistinct or vague

2- Computing & Logic. Relating to a form of set theory and logic in which predicates may have degrees of applicability, rather than simply being true or false. It has important uses in artificial intelligence and the design of control systems.


For the people who do not know the context of this story:

OpenAi is an American Artificial Intelligence organization. On November 17, 2023, the board removed Altman as CEO, while Brockman was removed as chairman and then resigned as president. Four days later, both returned after negotiations with the board, and most of the board members resigned.

OpenAI Wikipedia >

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