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Brand levels

Brand levels

How we perceive brands

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There are different ways to perceive brands: 1- UNDERSTAND a brand’s characteristics in a rational way. 2- EXPERIENCE all the things around the brand and all the relationships between it. 3- FEEL the emotional connection between the human, the characteristics of the product and everything around it. No one has discussed the third element, which I think is the most relevant one for decision making.

UNDERSTAND. Rationally distinguish the product’s characteristics and features.
- Homogeneity. All products under the same brand have something in common.
- Differentiation. All products under the same brand are different from the rest.

EXPERIENCE. Perception of what surrounds the product (more than the product itself). The connections that we establish between concepts.
- Associations that the consumer makes between the brand’s outcomes. What they have in common.
- Associations that the consumer makes with what surrounds the brand. Any related interaction.

FEEL. Emotional perceptions of characteristics and experiences.
- Fast. First impressions, intuition.
- Cumulative. We form our ideas about a brand based on the sum of the brand’s features and our experiences during an extended period.
- Not rational. The heart is more important than the mind in the understanding of brands.

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