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Communication strategy plan

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The communication strategy plan helps to identify the core values of the firm. Then organize all the elements to speak with a unique voice.

In business communication, people focus their attention on texts and designs. We want to make conversions or subscriptions. We are looking for something spectacular and make people share in social media. But today I will talk about what is beyond copy and image. In fact, what you remember when you forget the form and even the content.

People Always Share Feelings

Babies who are unable to speak, or articulate words, can communicate as well. The closest family develop the ability to understand many things. They know what they want, what they need, what concerns them, and what excites them.

Something similar happens with older people. When they have Alzheimer’s, they lose the ability to carry on a coherent discourse. Their sentences do not have the right structure, the words are inappropriate. In those cases, the first reaction is to ignore what they say.

I had a familiar experience in that situation. I discovered that I could communicate much better if I paid less importance to the precise words. I tried to pay more attention to understanding in a more general way. That person had lost some communication skills. But emotions, feelings, and motivations were present without any doubt.

Companies, Sometimes, Just Share Information

There is some parallelism between personal communication and business communication. Some firms make excellent products and services that are necessary to a group of people. They have a logo with a design that is nice, perhaps drawn by a renowned artist. They may also have a website with clean and organized code and no bugs. But even then, they have some difficulties communicating with their customers. Emotions and feelings are missing.

Those companies use the communication tools as independent pieces. The app, the logo, the website, the brochure, or the catalog do not have a global connection. That reminds me of the words in the interpersonal communication. Each one can be valid, but there is no general discourse. There are no emotions that convey the essence, the heart.

Communication plan, identify feelings

The communication strategy plan helps to give shape to the core values. They inspire the design and copy, and they create the foundations. They communicate the feelings that define the essential identity of companies and institutions.

We need a well-structured speech that consumers can understand. It is necessary that the same team of people writes all the different marketing elements. A plan made in advance.

There are logos with beautiful designs. Spectacular TV ads catch our attention. But a lot of consumers do not understand them. Sometimes advertisers do that on purpose for different reasons. But other times the problem is that they use separate elements without a holistic view. They do not communicate the real feeling of the business or institution.

Perhaps the users do not understand the text or the images of a TV spot. In some cases, this could be good because it arouses some intrigue. People comment about that with friends and family. When they talk about it, they internalize it, and then, they will remember it for a long time.

Other times, people do not understand the basic concept. The consumer does not perceive a shared idea between different media. They do not connect the website, the app and the tv spot. In those cases, there is no brand concept. A communication strategy plan can coordinate all the elements and build a stronger image.

Often, the company centers the communication on technology. They can integrate it with other cultural components. That defines a global discourse. In those cases, the technology is easier to understand and more human. It gives personality to the products and services and builds a reliable brand.

Marketing helps us connect the different communication elements. It is useful to think about what we want to communicate first. Then we can create the design and write the text more efficiently.


Babies or some sick people can have difficulties to speak. But they can always convey emotions and feelings. Those are often more valuable than the words. Design and copy are like words for people. They help us to communicate information from the enterprise to the user with precision. But the emotions and feelings behind are the most important. The communication strategy plan can coordinate all the elements. It can convey the core values of the people that work there.

Emotions and feelings are the heart of the brand. People, at some time, will forget forms and letters. But they will remember how the product makes them feel.

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