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Love a brand, part 2

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Often, we communicate what we feel, both with words and gestures. When you love someone, you think good things about that person. You consider that what they say is interesting. Perhaps, you might not agree sometimes, but you like the way they say it or the reasoning behind it. You think, for instance, that she has a big nose but even that is nice, or it is ok this way. And if you feel all those things, your words, but also, and your silences and gestures will reveal it.

Brands project what people feel

The people behind products and services also establish communication with the users. There are those who love what they do. They show enthusiasm and passion for going one step ahead. They are eager to go beyond what the reckoning specifies. Beyond what the market research says or what it is strictly necessary to get paid. The brand communicates all those things one way or another to the user. All those intangible values accumulate over time. They become the most valuable asset for a brand.

Marketing and advertising use logos, brochures, web pages, spots. Their drawing, photography, music are the words of the brand. There is something that ties that together; it makes them something more than just a set of material elements. Feelings transform pictures into brands.

Planning feelings

We can schedule the process of brand creation. We have to think about the image of the company as a hole. The brand is not only the logo but what this graphic element means to the consumer. You build the brand with all the communication assets of the company together. The places where the logo appears, give it content and life. That interaction with the audience creates personality. The logo, the app for the mobile phone, the website, the catalog, or the TV spot are only pieces to build. The communications plan organize all that for an extended period. It tries to reflect the needs of consumers and users.

There are technical data and empirical factors that numbers can specify. Marketing studies show us what the consumers think and do. Positioning maps give information about what is the place of each brand in the mind of the consumer. We can know what space is free for our brand. But what is more important, what makes all that data relevant, are the feelings. The strategy is the soul, what gives life and personality to different physical elements. The communication strategy compresses the spirit of the people behind the product.

Technology makes products possible. To go beyond and create a brand, we must give personality to the product. It needs a human touch with emotions and feelings. Marketing and communication plans are the tools to get there. It coordinates the different elements of the company image.


Entrepreneurs, business owners, and salary workers communicate feelings and illusions through their products. Some brands condense those values. That is what makes things different in front of technology that makes all similar.

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