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Can you remember the details of your favorite brand?

Remember a logo or an ad

Can you remember the details of an ad or a logo?

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If we ask people to draw any logo from memory, most of them will have problems. I have also seen a lot of studies where the consumers do not remember most tv spots or cannot marry each story with their brand.

We could apply that to any form of communication: logos and ads but also packaging, jingles, you name it. Does this mean that marketing and communication are not useful? What are marketers making wrong?

Target and feelings

For the brand, what is relevant is if their consumers can assign them the right values and feelings. Remembering the lines of the logo, the argument of the spot, the design of the ad, or even the features of the device has no real consequences. None of those things individually will change the purchase decision. Those are only pieces of an overall experience.

Most people are not able to draw the face of their own mother. This, however, doesn't mean that they do not identify and connect it with a lot of information and, most importantly, affections.

I want the brand to communicate feelings to a well-defined segment.

- Feelings. Feelings and sensations are more powerful than features. Apple, for example, is reluctant to make public the RAM memory of many of their devices. What they want to convey is that it is fast and reliable. Sometimes details can be a distraction.

- Target. The brand needs to reach its target audience, not the rest. If they try to convince everybody, they are wasting time, money, and energy. Ok, there are exceptions, but that's the general rule.


The general public does not need to remember the shapes of a logo, the argument of a spot, the colors of an ad, or the features of a tech product. The target audience only has to recognize the brand and connect it with the values and feelings that make it unique and different from any other.

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