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Last Updated: Thu, 21 November 2019

The brand is a set of elements that help to distinguish a product or service from another.

In the next posts, I will talk about marketing and the impact of new technologies in this field.

The object of this first post is to define the limits of my activity. I understand marketing as one of the disciplines of Management Sciences (see graph)

It is just a point of view; there are other visions of what marketing is. I respect all. That is not the only possible approach; it is the option I choose on this website.

Let's talk about each of these main areas that affect us:


Management sciences are just one area of knowledge that study firms and their environment. It is the coordinated efforts of people and economic resources to reach specific goals.


I understand marketing as part o Management Sciences. Marketing tries to understand the needs and desires. Then organize people and resources to meet those needs. Within marketing, we study different aspects of product strategy, price, distribution, and communication.

I must insist that I consider marketing and sales as different concepts. Sometimes there is a relation. But there are connections with other parts of management too. On this site, I will not talk about sales. I will focus on strategic marketing as defined in the previous paragraph.


In this site, we will talk about communications as a part of marketing. To be more precise, I will use the term "Persuasive, Strategic, Business Communications."

Persuasive communication because the purpose is not to be objective. We will care about seduction and persuasion. That is an essential point that makes us different from journalism. It has as primary aim to be descriptive of reality. That also makes us different from communication techniques and technologies. They deal with the technical aspects to pass information in a reliable way.

Strategic communications because we talk about planning and organizing to arrive at business targets. Therefore, design understood as an artistic field stays outside this scope. We want to go beyond aesthetics and pleasure as the center of interest.

Business communication because the sender is, a firm, institution or individual entrepreneur. So, I do not include interpersonal communications in this field.

Communications understood this way, uses many techniques and take relations with many disciplines. Graphic design, photography, interior design, literature, painting, production, radio voice, animation, social media are a few. I will talk about these subjects only when they are tools. Persuasive, Strategic, Business Communications will be the center.


One of the areas of marketing that will have more presence on this blog will be the brand. Much of the communication efforts have as their aim to have strong brands. So, when we deal with branding, we will deal with Persuasive, Strategic, Business Communications.

I understand brand as part of communications, marketing, and management. (see graph).

New Tech

This blog will be about the impact of new technologies on the brands and the innovations in this field.

I will try to delve deep inside new technologies, to see what business strategies give them life. I want to go beyond features, performance, and technical characteristics. I want to understand what does data mean for the user. How brands try to know what the consumer wants. How firms organize themselves to reach these needs.

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