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Touch, Cloud and Virtual encompass different technologies and marketing strategies

The future of computers. The infographic

What will computers be like in the future. Touch, cloud, virtual

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Computers, tablets, and phones are getting closer.

- Computers with touch screens that are close to a tablet. Microsoft takes the computer and makes it evolve towards the tablet.

- Tablets that are more capable. Apple iPad Pro can do more things and is substituting the laptop in many fields. Apple computers also evolve but will be specialized products. They do not want touch screens in computers, but incorporate touch close the keyboard. They create the Touch Bar that substitutes the function keys. A Big trackpad can do more things like gestures and click.


Your personal data in the cloud or the device Convenience and price or privacy and security

- Your data in the cloud. Google collects your personal information; stores it in the cloud; learns with machine learning; provides free, personalized services. If you want free and open Google services, you have to give Google your personal data.

- Your data only in the device. You buy Apple hardware; your personal data stays on the device, Apple never has access to it; you have privacy, security, and services in a closed ecosystem. If you want Apple services, you have to buy beautiful, expensive products.


Now, virtual is only a game tool. It cannot face any of the big problems that computers solve now. The marketing strategies are not well defined, yet.

- Virtual reality

- Augmented reality

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