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Twitter could improve its ads platform

How to improve Twitter for advertisers

Twitter advertising could improve in many ways

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Twitter could be a good media platform for companies to reach people, but it still has a lot of problems and limitations. Here I will talk about what Twitter could do to improve and be a better channel to place ads.

It's a priority to have a group of actions that go in the same direction. Be consistent over time and think in the long term. The overall strategy is more important than each action considered individually. There are many different paths. I suggest one, a strategy that has different branches.

Remark what makes Twitter different

The natural tendency is to compare Twitter with other social media. Everybody mentions Facebook because it appeared at a similar time and became very successful. It grows fast and it is a reference for investors.

I think Twitter can be attractive to advertisers if they can concentrate on their competitive advantage, what makes it unique from other social media.

Concentrate on the core users.

Twitter has a very selective group of users. Many of them are highly educated and tech-savvy. Their characteristics and behaviors are very different from other social media platforms. Advertisers appreciate all those things.

It's better to have a small group of convinced followers that love the product than a big audience that is only somewhat interested.

Twitter users are not passionate about the product; they just tolerate it. Twitter has an opportunity there.

I would ask the core group what I can do to make them happy. They could be the evangelizers that could help spread the word and help grow Twitter into a second stage.

To have well-defined users that love the product and are very engaged is very good for advertisers. Many of them are well-educated and have high interest in technology, which is even better.

Make it real

I think Twitter should be more aggressive with spammers, of course. But there is more.

Many users have Twitter as a way to make money. They do not believe in it. They just use it as a way to buy followers.

Many people follow thousands of people. How can that be possible? I suppose they are playing a game. If they follow many people, some of them will follow them back. It's a numbers game. That is a snowball that makes everything fake. No one knows what part of Twitter is real interest from other people or what part is just strategy.

Another case is that some people who are on Twitter have an account, but never use it.

Both cases affect advertisers; it's challenging to know what part of the Twitter users is interested in the platform content, i.e. who are the real users.

There are many ways to cut all that fluff. In the short term, that will affect the metrics that Twitter will have to present to shareholders, but I think that is better if they want to play the long-term game.

Think about the user first, the advertiser later, and Twitter last

The question to solve in this post was how to make Twitter more attractive to advertisers, I know. But the best way to do that is by thinking about the users first. That's the basics of marketing.

There could be the temptation to apply many tricks that will please the advertisers, but that could ruin the experience for the user.

The best thing for the advertiser, in the long run, is to have access to a well-defined audience, even when it is only a small one.

Make it beautiful.

Many ads in Twitter are just ugly and annoying. That affects the users first and then, other good advertisers, too.

The users are jaded by persistent ads that only want to make money. One lousy ad helps to disqualify the ads of other brands and also the image of Twitter as a whole.

An advertiser that loves their profession and takes cares of all the small details of art direction does not enjoy being in an environment where their work is not appreciated. Context is everything.

It's difficult to find beautiful ads in social media platforms, in general. Experience in traditional advertising teaches us that is possible to make advertising that the consumer wants to see. It's advertising made with care that helps the user discover new products or give details that they did not know.

Twitter could dictate standards of quality that all the ads should have. Perhaps it would be necessary to have fewer ads with higher quality. That will help the user. For the advertiser, each ad will be more expensive to produce and to insert, but at the same time, each impact will be higher.

Make it easy

It still it's too complicated to put out an ad. It's also difficult to access the information of the benefits, the results of the campaign. Twitter will be more attractive to advertisers if placing an ad were a simple intuitive process. Now, you need a long learning curve and things change too often, so you need more time to learn again.


All the public companies have an enormous pressure to grow. Twitter is an example where growth is not the best for the users, for the advertisers, and, in the end, for the company.

Read more about why companies want to grow.

Their core users are very uncommon: well-educated and tech savvy. It's a treasure, and Twitter is not fully taking advantage of this.

Those users have no other place to go. No one else has found a way to meet their needs by now.

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