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Batteries are the best option now to store power

Power storage to change the world

Battery energy storage could be the next step to free energy

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The evolution of many innovations depends on power storage. Phones, tablets, laptops, cars, electricity at home and in companies.

The improvement of the technologies in power storage could have a dramatic positive effect in many fields. It could make energy cheaper and eventually free.

Power storage in phones, cars and at home

The battery is probably the biggest component of the phone. The autonomy of the phones is also one of the first demands of the consumers. Improvements in power storage for phones will have a direct impact on the size and autonomy of the devices.

The battery is also a big, heavy and expensive component of the electric car. The autonomy of the vehicle is also a crucial aspect of the evolution of all the sector.

At home, solar is evolving fast as a clean, cheap way to generate energy. The problem comes when we need to compensate the time of production with the time of consumption. Families use the washing machines and the air conditioning at night, but the energy creation is during the day. We need technology to store power.

Any improvement in storage energy can propel the evolution in those three areas. Phones, cars and solar are at the center of many innovations. Power storage could unleash a domino effect.

Battery energy storage

Batteries are now the technology we have to power storage. However, they have not evolved as fast as the devices they try to help. Most of the improvements come from the decrease in consumption and a more efficient use of the energy, not the batteries.

Marketing to change the world

Marketing takes a problem of a segment of the population and then organizes resources to solve that problem.

It's clear that power storage and battery production is a need in many fields. There is an increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries.

New initiatives are growing in different parts of the world. Tesla is probably the best known. In Europe, there is Nothvolt. His CEO, Peter Carlsson is a former employee at Tesla.

Jason Calacanis and Peter Carlsson

The entrepreneur and Angel investor Jason Calacanis had an exciting conversation with Carlsson. I highlight some details.

"Jason Calacanis: Is there another technology in energy that's coming that could catalyze this even further, or we pretty much figure out what we need to do?. We have a master plan, and we need to execute on solar, hydro, batteries and we will be fine as society and as humans?. Or do we need as humans to make another breakthrough? Should we be pessimistic because of all the needs, or should we be optimistic because what has happened with batteries, solar and wind?"

"Peter Carlsson: I think there is gonna be continuous breakthroughs. You know, there is very interesting research in new type of solid-state batteries, etc., but if you look at history, you will see that to take something from a university lab into industrialization, into product validation, etc. takes a very, very long time in this industry. Also, because the products have such a lifeline in time. They live 10, 15 years in a vehicle, so it's a lot of validation. It takes much longer. So, in my perspective, we have the technology we need in order to have this transformation now, as you said. But then, it's gonna get better and eventually it might come free."

"Jason Calacanis: It feels like, if we have free energy, then free water is right behind it. Because desalinization is strictly an energy problem, from what I understand. And food creation is largely an energy problem and a water problem. So, if the dominos fall, if what you and Elon (Musk), and you in what you're doing in your own now, if you guys can accomplish this, water and eventually food, we can live in a world, our kids can inherit a world with free energy, free water and eventually, free produce.

Batteries, free energy, free water, free food

In marketing, many people think about the new problem to face, what could be the next big thing. Power storage could affect large segments of the population. One of the significant challenges of our time.

Power storage could be the most important technology to improve our world. It's the next step to unleash the dominos effect that Jason was talking about. Now batteries, then free energy, free water, and free food.

This is one of those things that make us dream. I'm excited to see how technologies in power storage will evolve.

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