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Online advertising has a lot of advantages over traditional advertising. It can reach small groups of people at a low cost. That makes it a useful tool for small firms or entrepreneurs.

On the other side, it is a bit scary that only two corporations control the entire world. In fact, it is a duopoly. Google and Facebook. There are other companies like Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn or Yelp. They are big, and they are international, but they are struggling to get a small piece of the ad cake.

Things can get worse if they keep on growing at the present rate. Google and Facebook progress at a faster pace than the rest.

Monopolies and duopolies are not the best options for the user.

The new advertising has a lot of limitations to make creative things. It is something it has to improve to be beneficial for everyone. Now they are not a win-win; they are an unbalanced transaction.

I do not like Facebook nor Google ads. It is an opinion, of course. I could never find anyone who said: Oh, wow! What a marvelous ad! They are just there. People usually try to ignore them. But they often can't. We have to see them if we want to use the service. Sometimes they let you discover something new. Most of the time, they are repetitive and annoying.

The good news is that there is a lot of things that we can do to improve that. We are just at the beginning of the Online advertising. Things evolve fast in this field, and amazing things could happen.

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