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They are innovative, funny, young, informal, joyful and... old, very old brands. We can apply these concepts to different products and services. Just a few and in exceptional circumstances were able to keep an outdated product and give it a new life. Some old brands can use new marketing.

Casual sport shoes

I was thinking about Converse shoes and especially the Chuck Taylor model. They are all the things I said at the beginning, but they are a disaster from the technical point of view. They are not the perfect solution for running. They don't have heel cushions. Soon you get tired if you walk a lot. If it is winter, you'll feel your feet get cold, and if you are in hot weather, sandals are a better option. If you dare to choose one of the craziest designs, you could soon get bored, and you cannot use them every day. The bright colors are difficult to harmonize with the rest of your clothes.

The list of difficulties are long; I just mentioned a few of them. But, in the end, these shoes are great, I love them. They have become a classic, an icon, and a management success story.

They are similar to other shoes that we could find in any old local market. Converse has a product with the same characteristics but with a much higher price. It is not an advanced product in the technical point of view. But it offers fashion, design, and a distinct idea. It is dynamic and in constant evolution. They can coordinate design, marketing, and communications under a solid concept.

Dairy products

In the dairy sector, we could also find cases of old products that are relevant. Some of them went out of the market and later they could update to new times keeping the essence, the best of the early past.

In some countries, Nestle group has the brand La Lechera Yogurts and Deserts. They are expensive and not very healthy. They have the pack made of glass; it weighs heavily. Name, packaging, and design are old. They are not cheap, nor healthy and all that in the yogurt segment!. But they found a niche. Those yogurts are not for anyone, not even for any time. Just for a few and in particular instants, they meet a need. It is just a small pleasure. You can enjoy them in intimate moments. They have that distinctive sound of the spoon against the glass that makes them unique.

La Lechera is another example of an old brand that had problems. New marketing helped them to innovate.

Learn and apply

There are so many products in all markets that can learn from this strategy. So many brands could live on with a new image and a clear concept that could meet the unique needs of a group of consumers!

This change is possible, especially in small and local firms. In those cases, we can find products that worked well for a long time. They have technical characteristics that are right. They could reinvent themselves with a new strategy in marketing and communications. To survive between big global brands, they should specialize in small consumer groups.

You cannot apply this restyling option to all products. In many cases, you cannot focus on everybody either. The brand must specialize. With the correct strategy and image, many brands could find their group of consumers. Perhaps even small but faithful ones.

Sometimes it is not possible to innovate with the technical characteristics of the product. Perhaps it is not necessary either. You can always make a marketing and brand innovation.

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