Why this program exist

Why have I built this app?

In fact, I have created this small application just for me.

When I needed to convert text to html code I searched the Internet, but I did not like what I found. I didn't like some functionalities, but more importantly for me, I did not like the aesthetic. I know, I know! I'm too picky, but that aspect of websites and apps is important to me. I wanted an elegant and simple environment, without complications, and above all, without annoying advertisements all around.

I build what I like, and I make it public just in case it could be useful to you, too.

What problem does it solve?

Html converter let you write simple text and convert it to html code. All that is done simply and comfortably.

It's much easier to write in a word processor, like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. Then, when I program, I must convert it to html code: separate the paragraphs, put the accents when I write in Catalan and French, including the ç and all those special characters... Html converter makes that process fast, easy, and visually appealing to me.

I frequently have to make the inverse process as well: I have the code, and I need regular text just to be able to write comfortably.

How much does it cost?

This is free. You can use it freely.

I would like...

Do you miss anything? Would you like to add, eliminate, change or suggest some completely new feature? Send me an email at info@mig-marketing.com and put in the subject Html converter.

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