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The Internet could be more useful if we all could trust on the information that appears. We also need more secure ways to send information to each other and, at the same time, preserve certain degrees of confidentiality.

That is not only useful but absolutely necessary when we want to send and receive money, have other financial services, or built contracts . These are, of course, only some examples.

Different technologies try to solve this problem. I will highlight the most extended solution that have been used till now, and then I will focus on a new and promising approach.

How to solve the problem of identity

Bitcoin has revolutionized many things. It was the first system that makes possible to send and receive money in a secure way and without intermediaries. Secure and without intermediaries are the keys here.

The technology behind that makes it possible it is called Proof of Work (PoW). It deters attacks and spam by requiring some work for the entity that requires the service. This usually means processing time by a computer.

Organize the community

Patrick Stanley has created a new concept to organize communities in an open way. He has founded Freehold. He defines his model with the concept user-staking: "User-staking means, most simply, that users must claim some economic stake in the community in order to access and experience the associated community or app ecosystem."

This is a novel approach that I find promising. The user that works and supports the community is in the center of the model. They reward holders that take an active role and hold cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Stacks (STX), and others.

That distinguishes Freehold from other options that rely on the processing time of the computer (that is, electricity and money) or other options that are centered only on the money expended.

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They are in the process of conception. It is the community, the people who want to participate who will give form to that initial idea. They could create products and services on top that could solve specific problems.

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